Thursday, 9 June 2011

Zombie Flesh Eaters - Extreme Version!

1999 release of Zombie Flesh Eaters featured the longest version released in the UK since the early 80's. The BBFC apparently wanted to pass it uncut but, due to a recent successful prosecution, they had to cut it by 27 seconds. The missing footage consists of a couple of shots of the zombie munching on Olga Karlatos's body and several seconds from the infamous eyeball gouging.

This was the fifth and final time Vipco would release ZFE in the UK as the rights were picked up by Stonevision, who issued the same cut version on DVD in 2000. The rights were later picked up by Anchor Bay UK, who managed to finally get it passed uncut in 2005.

NOTE: This was available in both full screen and widescreen versions.

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