Thursday, 13 October 2011

And Now the Screaming Starts (VIP104)

Previously released on VHS in the 90's, AND NOW.. was re-released on to DVD and VHS in 2003. One of the few 'Vaults of Horror' titles not to be released on the 'Screamtime Collection' this release is quite rare and hard to find, seemingly only on the market a short while before it was picked up by Anchor Bay and included in their 'Amicus' coffin set (along with another former Vipco title, Asylum).

The DVD is your typical Vipco release:
- 4:3 transfer (open matte)
- no frills 2.0 mono audio
- No subtitles
- Usual 'extras'; Filmographies, gallery of frame grabs and the same four trailers that appear on almost every release.

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