Friday, 10 June 2011

NIGHT OF THE DEMON (VIP049) - Cult Classic 'Dementer'

Continuing the trend of re-issuing previously banned titles, Vipco released a heavily cut version of NIGHT OF THE DEMON in the UK in 1994.  They later released it totally uncut as part of their 'Strong Uncut' import range. In 2004 Vipco released the cut version on DVD as part of their budget Screamtime Collection and later as part of a double bill with the dull slasher DEATH SCREAMS.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Antonio Margheriti's The Last Hunter (VIP097)

Antonio Margheriti's popular Vietnam war actioner was released on dvd and vhs by Vipco in 2002. The print was letterboxed at 1.85:1 and looked really good. Unfortunately it was cropped from it's original 2.35:1 ratio. Still this was the best version available on DVD for some time and was a welcome relief after years of awful pan & scan vhs tapes.
                                                                         (DVD menu)

Despite the uncut claim on the packaging it was actually missing 30 + seconds of footage. This is not due to censorship however, it was simply missing from the master Vipco received from the licensor. The missing footage consists of David Warbeck introducing himself to John Steiner's crazed colonel. In this version the scene starts halfway through as Steiner lowers his binoculars. The US Dark Sky and Danish AWE release contain the full sequence. Interestingly, neither of those releases are complete and are missing footage found in the Vipco version:

During the opening brothel sequence we see a waiter walk towards a table where a soldier gets up and says 'Ok girls, see ya!', the waiter carries on to the next table where a soldier gets up and says 'Give me another beer!'

On the AWE and Dark Sky dvd's we hear the soldier say bye to the girls but we don't see it, instead the scene starts as the waiter walks towards the second table.

Later, around the 36  minute mark (just before 'Stinker Smith' gets killed by the trap) the following dialog is missing:
Morris: 'Easy does it there's been traffic through here
Carlos: 'I'm watchin', man, I'm watchin'!'

On the AWE and DS releases this scene is silent.

The only version of the film I have seen which contains all the missing footage is the UK pre-cert from Intervision.

The Beyond - Uncut DVD release

In 2001 Vipco re-submitted THE BEYOND to the BBFC and the film was passed uncut for the first time ever in the UK. It was released on DVD and VHS in both Widescreen and a slightly letterboxed, but horribly cropped, edition. (see image comparison below)

In common with most dvd's from Vipco THE BEYOND was devoid of any worthwhile extras. The widescreen version later went out of print while the full screen version was repacked and released as part of Vipco's budget 'Screamtime Collection'.

In 2011 Arrow Video released THE BEYOND on both DVD and Blu-ray.

The Savage Intruder (VIP018) - Cult Classic 'Frightener'

Another early 90's re-issue. It seems this was only submitted to the BBFC once - in 1982 - where it was cut by 4 seconds - I assume this is the same cut version. Surprisingly unavailable on DVD.

Beyond Evil - 90's re-issue

1993 re-issue of Herb Freed's Beyond Evil.

I like the cover on this one. I don't know who the artist is but he/she was responsible for some of Vipco's best cover art. This film was later released on UK DVD in 2004 by Platinum Media. I haven't seen that disc but from what I've read it's apparently been lifted from Vipco's tape.

Zombie Flesh Eaters - Extreme Version!

1999 release of Zombie Flesh Eaters featured the longest version released in the UK since the early 80's. The BBFC apparently wanted to pass it uncut but, due to a recent successful prosecution, they had to cut it by 27 seconds. The missing footage consists of a couple of shots of the zombie munching on Olga Karlatos's body and several seconds from the infamous eyeball gouging.

This was the fifth and final time Vipco would release ZFE in the UK as the rights were picked up by Stonevision, who issued the same cut version on DVD in 2000. The rights were later picked up by Anchor Bay UK, who managed to finally get it passed uncut in 2005.

NOTE: This was available in both full screen and widescreen versions.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Pre-cert - KING FRAT

Big box release of Ken Widerhorns ANIMAL HOUSE cash-in. Vipco later re-issued this title in 1992. In 2000 Vipco released the film on DVD on their non horror off-shoot 5 STAR ENTERTAINMENT.

(Again, thanks to Kyle for the cover scan)

Vipco pre-cert - CAGED WOMEN

Early VIPCO Vhs release of Jess Franco's BARBED WIRE DOLLS. This release featured the heavily cut UK cinema version, which was missing over 12 minutes of footage!

In 2004 Anchor Bay submitted the uncut version to the BBFC who demanded that 41 seconds of naughty stuff had to be removed (fingers being stuck where they shouldn't be).

Footage from this film was later used  in the 1979 Eurocine snoozer JAIL HOUSE WARDRESS.

(Thanks to Kyle Johnson for the scan!)